Life Is A Joy


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Do you think your life has to change for you to be happy?  Are you exhausted yet?

If you are like me, you may have naturally assumed for a long time that something about your life circumstances or about yourself prevents you from being truly happy and at peace.  Something is not quite right (yet).

It may be the wrong job, the wrong boss, the wrong partner, the absence of a partner, the wrong body, the wrong age, the wrong mood, painful and unresolved childhood experiences, fear of the future, a lack of money, a lack of competence or experience, bad health, or even just a vague sense of something missing in your life.

Do you think you first need to improve and solve all this before you can finally be OK?

How long have you been trying? 

Have you noticed that life has a way of providing new challenges as soon as an old one has been resolved?


I invite you to give yourself a break.

Discover happiness and joy simply right here, where you are right now.

You may find life fixing itself as a result, in ways unimaginable to you right now. You may even find that life doesn’t need to be fixed in any way.

Suffering is not caused by life circumstances. It is caused by our interpretation of these circumstances, in other words, what we believe about them. We hold some deep seated assumptions that we may have picked up from other people at some point in our lives. These assumptions, when questioned, may turn out not to be true for us at all.

What I invite you to is not about positive thinking, trying to convince yourself that you don’t have a problem, or telling yourself to accept something that feels unacceptable. Rather, it is about taking a simple look at what you believe, which may result in a radical, yet gentle and effortless shift of perspective.

Please take a look around this website and learn more about the causeless and continuously available freedom and joy I invite you to. You'll also find information about the method I primarily use: The Work of Byron Katie. It is simple, kind and very effective, and if you wish, you can learn to use it all by yourself.


If you think that it would help you to receive one-on-one support from me on your journey, please contact me. Feel free to ask questions, or make an appointment to meet in person or on skype.


Contact Mimi for support.



Mimi Pöpel

Facilitator / Coach

The Work of Byron Katie